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    10 月 之前
    我们在2018年新年佳节之际,隆重推出为广大华人朋友的加拿大职业工程师P.ENG.申请免费评估聚会活动, 为大家早日拿到加拿大职业工程师资格有很好的帮助。欢迎大家电邮到我们的信息中心info@kebyenery.com 并请附上姓名和联系电话,我们保证大家资料安全尊重私密。祝大家新春愉快,家庭幸福,事业发达! Professional Engineer License (P.Eng.) Application Program : We provide Professional Engineer License Application mentoring programs for professionals who require the professional engineer designation (P.Eng.). This program has been established to meet the highest level requirements in supporting professionals to achieve their career goals. KEBY has exceptionally high pass rates for all of our candidates. Our outstanding services have enabled clients to obtain excellent results successfully. Foreign Trained Engineer Intern Program:This special program offers exciting opportunities to internationally trained engineers who hope to achieve their career development goals in Canada and target professional work in their chosen fields. KEBY offers unique Canadian work experience and training programs to fast -track their professional development and career achievements quickly and effectively.